With busy office schedules or colleges work, it can be a burden to add another course to it. However, CPR certification is becoming a trend with the alarming increase in heart patients. CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is an emergency procedure which is performed on patients having abnormal breathing problem or cardiac arrest. However, it should be noted that CPR alone cannot restart the heart. Its purpose is to delay tissue death and to partially restore the heart and brain through chest compression and by providing breaths through the victim’s mouth. Nation CPR Center offers CPR classes to any interested candidate. Its courses consist of illustrated graphics and video demonstrations taught by experienced instructors. Online CPR classes are convenient and time efficient as students can sit at home and learn. Its average course duration is 40 minutes, which consists of introduction and brief description. Students will be taught how to perform CPR step by step. Though it does not require hands on skill testing, applicants will need to sit for a multiple choice test in order to get their certificates. Exams are easy, where question will be set only from the materials provided and the average pass mark is 75%. Students can access their study material for 30 days after signing up and refresh their knowledge any time. CPR classes at NCPRC.com now include BloodBorne Pathogens lessons at no cost addition and students do not have to appear exam for it. It is just an additional chapter created for awareness. With completion of CPR classes and exam, students will be provided with a printable wall certificate and wallet card signed by the instructor. CPR certificates are valid for 2 years and can be renewed anytime. National CPR Centre follows the Emergency Cardiovascular Care guidelines for all its courses and all its instructors are highly qualified in the field. The fees are also affordable, making it the perfect place to get CPR certified. More>>

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