CPR Instructions

CPR is not the ultimate cure for heart attack but it can delay tissue death and increase the victim’s survival rate. It is regarded to be the best emergency procedure to restore breathing and blood circulation when a person is facing unresponsive breathing problems or cardiac arrest. It has been proved that CPR can save a person’s life from permanent brain and heart damage.

Heart attacks are unpredictable and it can happen anytime, anywhere. Having CPR first aid knowledge is very important these days as it can save a man’s life. In order to perform a CPR, you do not have to be professional or experienced. Here are some few easy instructions on how to perform CPR. One should remember that CPR should be performed quickly for successful results.

  • First, check for responsiveness. If the victim is not breathing or has abnormal breathing, call 911 for emergency help and then get back to the victim. You can gently shake and shout and see if they wake up. If you do not get any response, do not waste time and perform CPR.
  • Place the heel of your hand on the victim’s chest and then perform chest compressions at the speed rate of 100 pushes per minute. Continue with it until you see any responses or breathing. If you do not have any formal CPR training and the victim does not wake up, do not stop and continue before help arrives. The chest compression alone can make a lot of difference and save the victim’s life.
  • If you are trained in CPR, give rescue breathing after 30 chest compressions. If you are uncomfortable, use a CPR mask. Make sure to give big breath and if you do not see any sign of life continue it for 3 to 4 times and repeat chest compressions. After every 2 minutes of chest compression and rescue breaths, check for the victim’s breathing.
  • Repeat the process until help arrives.
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