CPR/AED Recovery Position

Adult Recovery Position


Recovery position helps a semiconscious or unconscious person breathe and permits fluids to drain from the nose and throat so they are not breathing fluids in. If the person is unconscious or semiconscious after you have done everything, move the person into the recovery position while waiting for EMS workers to arrive. Check breathing often.

Do not use the recovery position if the adult or a child has a major back, neck or spinal injury.

 All forms of the recovery position share basic principles. The mouth is downward so that fluid can drain from the patient’s airway; the chin is well up to keep the airway open. Arms and legs are locked as to stabilize the position of the patient.

  Show Me Video>>  Recovery Position for Infant 

  Place the infant’s face down over your arm with the head slightly lower than the body. Support the head and neck with your hand, keeping the mouth and nose clear. Wait for EMS workers to arrive.


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