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New Hepatitis C antiviral drug provided cure to more than 90% of patients in clinical trail study. After decades of identifying liver causing disease virus Hep. C, new drug is a light at the end of the tunnel for patients … Continue reading

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Newest scientific research on fish oil benefits , reported in  the ” Journal of the national Cancer Institute” surprisingly shows that high level of Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish may increase prostate cancer in man by 71 percent. It … Continue reading

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News from CCL website

This is January 2011 update on the new direction of CCLD. Click on ccld website link to read about key inspection protocol pilot test. Department of Social Services Mission Statement “The mission of the California Department of Social Services is … Continue reading

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Developmental Services Topics

January 2011. Governor Jerry Brown released a state budget that will cut state spending by $12 billion, including an 8-10% cut for state employees not covered under a bargaining agreement. In June 2011 voters will be asked to continue, for … Continue reading

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Rays of Hope

Scripps  Announcing  state-of-the-art Proton Therapy for Cancer Treatment Fortunately cancer is more survivable today than ever before,thanks to early detection and medical innovations. San Diego county Proton Therapy Center will be second proton therapy canter in California and the western … Continue reading

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Vitamin D Affects Quality of Life

Depression affects more than 13 million adults in the United States each year and costs billions of dollars in treatment, loss of productivity, workers’ compensation and mortality, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Moreover, depression … Continue reading

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FDA proposes new line of cigarette warning graphics

The graphics include a picture of corpse feet with the tag line, “Warning: Cigarettes cause fatal lung disease”. Another shows a dead body in a casket with the caption, “Warning: Smoking can kill you”. On the cartons themselves, the proposed … Continue reading

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Emergency Cardiovascular Care- 2010 Update

New Guidelines Introduced in 2010 for CPR & Emergency Cardiovascular Care sequence. According to 2010 guidelines, you should call 911 after checking victim for response (absence of breathing)  and use CAB ( Chest Compressions, Airway, and Breathing), rather then ABC. … Continue reading

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CAB or ABC cardiopulmonary resuscitation

New ECC Recommendations- ‘C-A-B’ Is the Way to Go: Compressions, Airway, and Breathing

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