Newest scientific research on fish oil benefits , reported in  the ” Journal of the national Cancer Institute” surprisingly shows that high level of Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish may increase prostate cancer in man by 71 percent. It is general belief that fish oil supplement has beneficial effects on cardiovascular health. In contrary,  new study is casting doubt on positive inhibition  of such benefits of fish oil and other daily supplements. Link between prostate cancer, taking fish oil supplement and eating fatty fish is far from clear evidence, even taking in consideration link to heavy metals (mercury) found in fish didn’t show clear results in biological mechanism to clarify findings. Fatty acids found in flax seeds and some vegetable sources didn’t heighten risk of prostate cancer, research study finds.

Human genetic make-up is very complex and designed to absorb what it is necessary in certain levels of micronutritions, as high doses may be harmful and with no clear proof of  health benefits.

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