Managed Health Care and Your Health Sliding Downward!

Baby boomer generation and medicine is rapidly changing United States industry to one dominated by pharmaceutical companies, large hospital groups and corporations. Every year Americans devote more of their pay checks to health care than workers in any other country in the world, yet have life expectancy that ranks behind many other countries.  The higher the life expectancy, the better shape a country is in.

Unfortunately health insurance corporations give the impression that seem not to be the case; from influencing  doctors, managing quality verses cost of medications you are proscribed, to taking care of annual earnings that measure in multi billions versus patients well being.  Even your psychiatrist will silently tell you, “I don’t have time for you, I’m not your therapist, and I could only adjust your medications for you”. Major role of changes is how much insurance will pay and no longer provides 30 minutes of talk therapy. Soon you will be lucky if your doctor remembers your name without looking in your chart.

Let’s look at the recent study that even basic CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is often done wrong by doctors and nurses during cardiac arrest in surroundings out of hospital environment and without aid of hospital machines like AED; by not pushing hard enough or frequently enough on the chest to restart the heart of the victim. Chest compressions were done half the time, and most were too shallow. One would think that with first aid of today’s medical technology and vast on line information we are marching toward better doctor- patient relationship and health care overall, instead of asking….. How good is American health care?

Should our government allow lower quality, less efficiency and have the least equitable system guided by insurance companies and for the sake of the corporate profit. Corporate profit interests should have no place in health care, and they are still running the show on Capitol Hill. Health Insurance policy wants us sick, as health means less profit. Insurance corporations want to make health care a privilege but your monthly payments to them mandatory. Perhaps we should move our clinics to China, cutting cost, boosting corporate profits and improving our citizen’s care!!!

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