Scientific research evidence continue to mount that sex is healthy for heart and prostate in man. Sexercise helps overall health, reduces prostate cancer risk according to M.D. Moul, chief of urology at Duke University. Prostate specific antigen (PSA) shows to be lower after having sex including toxins that could be in semen. To steer clear of prostatitis, consider having frequent stand up treatment  for toxin cleaning.

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  1. Danny Maletiz says:

    After reading your article about prostate cancer prevention , want to tell you that I read similar articles in one of the man’s journals. I was wondering if you have any recommendation for type of diet, lifestyle or fruit/vegetables intake that may first aid in prevention of heart and prostate complications. Intimate activity as part of the prevention package in man’s health is great but not sure if just that alone is enough to maintain healthy prostate. Your information is very helpful and insightful. Thanks

    • lightning says:


      eat right, five times a day and exercises regulary and you’ll be in much better shape. Also, a glass of wine once in a while cannot hurt. Hope this helps.


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